Serve Teams

Welcoming Team: Team Leader - David Lindsey
First impressions are very important and the Welcoming Team is to convey the vision of The Lifesong from the moment someone comes onto the property. Our vision is to "Connect Today's world to Jesus". Our Welcoming Team seeks to assist all newcomers, visitors and members to The Lifesong. Their roles consist of ushering, greeting folks with a hearty smile and a joyful attitude, helping visitors feel comfortable and meeting needs.
Decision Team: Team Leaders - James & Charissa Sampson
The Decision Team is to assist the Pastor or speaker with individuals and families as they make decisions during the church service. They will gather contact information for follow up and help people with decisions for Christ, when the Pastor or speaker is not available. You must be a Christian and church member to serve on this team.
The Lord's Supper Team: Team Leader - Shelia Ford
The preparation of the bread and juice for the taking of the Lord's Supper is very important for all of our services. The team will bring the bread and prepare it for the church to take at the time of Communion.
Sound Team: Team Leader - Casey Ford
An important part of the worship experience is the sound quality. The Sound Team with assist with operating the soundboard during the worship service and band practice.
Visual Team: Team Leader - Amanda Ford
The Lifesong is a visual teaching church. The Visual Team has the responsibility of operating the ProPresentor software during the worship service. Following the speaker and the song leaders, changing the visuals on the screen. Also, implementing videos and other visuals when required.
Grounds Team: Team Leader - Matt Slusser
Maintaining the grounds of the church is a ongoing process. The Grounds Team is responsible for maintenance of landscaping: grass cutting, trimming, weed control, trimming tree and hedges and other needed work to make the property aesthetically pleasing.
Prayer Team: Team Leader - James Gribbins
The Lifesong concludes every service with a prayer of healing and direction. The Prayer Team will be on a rotation to pray at the end of each service. The team member will pray over the prayer request cards filled out by the congregation and the overall blessing of God on the church.

Ministry Opportunities

Music: Led by Bobby Frank
The purpose of the music ministry to succeed at helping people feel the presence of God through music. To create a worship atmosphere with both the churched and un-churched.
Tater Town: Led by Sherri Gribbins
Childcare is provided for children 7 years of age and under in Tater Town. We provide families with the comfort of knowing their child is safe. In Tater Town children are taught the love of Jesus by singing, story telling and crafts.
The Mark: Led by Jeremy Wilder
The Mark helps children, 1st thru 5th grade, leave their mark on the world. The Mark meets at 11:00 AM during the message time of the service. They then join their families for our time of praise and worship.
Young Adults: Led by Zachary Jones
The Ministry helps young adults connect to each other and into service. From Bible study groups, out reach gatherings, sports, to building homes for the unfortunate, The Young Adult Ministry is helping young adults find their place within the Church.
Meals: Led by Charissa Sampson
Meals are made and delivered by members of the church at times of need. If someone is in the hospital, having surgery or if there was a death in the family we try to provide meals for the family.
Special Activities: Led by Casey Ford
The Lifesong offer many special events during the year: Annual Lawnchair Drive-In, block parties, trips, Dei Project, and sport teams.